N.R.G. Vibes live in Warendorf

Germany tour 2014. N.R.G. Vibes live in Warendorf. Song: Steh auf. Album: N.R.G. Vibes Marcus. Suport: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/n.r.g.-vibes-marcus/id627468896
Vocals/ Guitar Marcus, Bass Flashbuddhai, Drums Arsene. Video and Recordings, Mixing Atahsound Berlin. Germany Tour 2015 more info http://www.nrg-vibes.de !


New Changa Album coming soon

Changa Mire is working on a new Album together with Marcus @ Atahsoundstudio Berlin. In this documentary Changa Mire presents some of his new tracks and talks about his music.  The recordrelease will be in 2015.  After the big success of the Album King of a Tribe Changa continues his work at Atahsoundstudio. Big time!!!